"Why are you called Dundry Hill?"

It is a question we are asked often so what better way to start out our blog than to answer this popular question!

As you may know, Dundry Hill is a small business owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Todd and Alison Paulson, based in Minnesota, USA.  What you may not know is that Alison was actually born and raised in Bristol, England but moved to the US after finishing university.  When Alison started the business she thought back to childhood and growing up in this beautiful region of England and decided on the name Dundry Hill as a reminder of home.  Funny enough, the name is an even better fit than first thought as Dundry Hill is in fact ideally placed to view planes departing and landing at the nearby Bristol Airport, hot air balloons during the famous Bristol Balloon Fiesta and the wildlife that calls Dundry Hill their home.  Maybe on some subconscious level this actually explains the first designs of baby mobiles being planes, birds and balloons!

"So where is Dundry Hill?"

Here's the geography part: The village of Dundry is a village of more than one thousand inhabitants which stands four miles south of Bristol, and twelve miles west of the Roman city of Bath.  It stands seven hundred feet above sea level at the western end of an exposed four mile long ridge, making it a notable landmark in the Bristol region.  Dundry Hill commands some of the most extensive and beautiful views in the west of England and by night, Bristol's lights create a breathtaking scene. (Source: www.dundry.org.uk/about_dundry.php)

At the summit of Dundry Hill stands the church of St Michael the Archangel.  This church boasts a tower that was built in 1484 and because of its prominent hill-top position is visible for many miles around. On a personal note, this is also the church where Alison's brother and sister-in-law were married.

So there you have it—the inspiration behind our name and a little bit of geography.  If you are ever in the Bristol area, I encourage you to take drive over Dundry Hill and check out the stunning views for yourself!

View of Bristol from Dundry Hill